Party Fog Machine

Remote Control
Power 1500w
Warm-up time 10 minutes
Spray distance 10 Feet
Oil smoke capacity Approx 4 liters
Voltage AC110/220V 50-60Hz±10%
Product size 51*26*21.5cm
N.W. 6.8kg

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Introducing our high-performance Fog Machine, the ultimate tool to elevate your events and create mesmerizing atmospheres. With a powerful 1500w output, this disco led smoke machine can effortlessly transform any occasion into a captivating experience. Enjoy the convenience of the remote control, allowing you to control the fog emission with ease. In just 10 minutes, the machine warms up and is ready to fill the air with dense fog, reaching up to an impressive 10 feet distance. Its large 4-liter oil smoke capacity ensures long-lasting and continuous operation, making it perfect for extended events.

Designed with safety and convenience in mind, this machine operates at AC110/220V 50-60Hz±10% voltage. Its compact product size of 512621.5cm makes it easy to transport and store. The N.W. of 6.8kg ensures it is sturdy yet lightweight for easy handling.

Create unforgettable memories at concerts, parties, theatrical performances, and more with our exceptional smoke machine. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your events into magical spectacles. Check out the fog machine price in Pakistan and experience the enchantment today.

Package Include

1x Machine
1x Power Cable
1x Remote Controller


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